FOSSCOMM 2018 – Heraklion 13 & 14/10


Cooperative values and Open Source
2018-10-13, 16:20–18:20, Amph. B

The workshop will simulate the process of an agreement between members of a cooperative, based on the values as they have been formed by the cooperative movement the last two centuries. For people who want to form a cooperative or are just inderested to be informed about the cooperative values and how these are related to the values of open source movement.


IoT Freedom and Security
2018-10-14, 12:05–12:35, Amph. A

More and more devices, which were traditionally stand-alone appliances, now come with an interface to the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT). These devices receive from – or also send data to – servers or peers online. This ability to communicate with practically anyone and anything in the world has radically changed the privacy, security and freedom aspects of these devices. In this talk I want to investigate how we as users, as hackers, as developers, but also as citizens can react to this new situation. I want to talk about new threats, new opportunities and about available and possible solutions for them.


plirosouSOSTA a free software Android app for workers payment & rights
2018-10-14, 14:45–15:15, Amph. B

Currently in Greece, a lot of workers who work by the hour get paid simply the agreed amount multiplied by the hours that they work, even though this is not what they are entitled to. The Greek labor laws give the right to workers to get extra pay for several conditions, but unfortunately most people are unaware of this. plirosouSOSTA is a simple Android application written in Java that wants to inform users for their payment rights. It lets a user to record their working hours. Then according to their agreed payment, age, years of experience the application calculates what they should get paid according to the current (01/2018) Greek labor laws. The application has certain limitations and some assumptions have been made in order to simplify user input and provide meaningful results. The process of designing and implementation will be presented along with some aspects of the code. The application was designed in collaboration with users, lawyers and designers and is soon to be upgraded with new features and functionalities that will be discussed.