Specialized for Academic Research

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The CommonsLab provides specialized products and services for academic research in the areas of physics, optics and photonics, but also for biology, material science and other disciplines. We have year-long experience in experimental science, dealing with various types of lasers and spectrometers, but also with nano- and microelectronics as well as cryogenics and various types of microscopy. This, combined with our experience in embedded systems and software engineering as well as in robotics and mechatronics, provides us with the understanding and the skills to develop custom-made products, specially adapted for the challenges in experimental laboratories for cutting-edge research.

Such products include for example the following:

  • Automation systems, to run experiments more controlled and efficiently.
  • Special adapters and electronic circuits for easier or faster data acquisition.
  • Customized mechanical supports for optics, electronics, biology or other experimental setups.
  • Advanced modifications to existing experimental apparatus, to expand the possibilities of application.