Commonslab is a member of consortium H2020 MSCA-RISE-2020 Project CHARTIST

Project Number 101007896


Based on chiral metamaterials and metasurfaces enhanced by graphene and carbon nanotubes, this project aims at providing theoretical basis, performing proof of concept experiments, and building a prototype device for unprecedented dynamic control of THz-wave polarization.

The project relies on solid theoretical background that will enable analytical and numerical modelling interaction of the THz radiation with chiral metamaterials and metasurfaces and will also reveal the most promising techniques to control helicity in the THz range by external stimuli.

The chiral metamaterials and metasurfaces will be fabricated by advance fabrication techniques including femtosecond micromachining of multilayer substrates, laser sculpturing of the carbon nanotube films and e-beam lithography.

The enhancing of the fabricated chiral structures with graphene will provide additional channels for

manipulating the helicity-sensitive transmittance and reflectivity, which can be employed for the THz polarization control.

The proposed research program implemented via intersectoral and international mobility and connected training, dissemination and outreach activities will enable the knowledge and technology transfer, wider professional networking, acquiring new skills and exploitation of project results by European THz industry.

In parallel, the world-wide professional CHARTIST network will considerably enhance the future career prospects of early stage researchers and widen the professional opportunities for experienced researchers involved.