LulzBot TAZ Single Extruder Tool Head v2.1


Unleash your creativity with the new and improved LulzBot® TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v2! This expert-level accessory enables multi-colored, or multi-material, 3D printed objects. Use the secondary tool head to 3D print objects with complex geometries using popular support materials, like HIPS or water-soluble PVA, to clear away support material from overhangs and cavities.

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The new LulzBot TAZ® Dual Extruder Tool Head v2 features the popular LulzBot® Hexagon Hot End. The hot end’s all-metal construction raises the maximum extrusion temperature to 300°C, allowing you to print with even more types of specialty 3D printing filament.

Further upgrades include a precision machined aluminum extruder mounting plate for easier setup and a more reliable experience, print after print.

Expand your capabilities by using the second extruder for HIPS or PVA support material. After printing your object with HIPS support material, pull it away to reveal your part. For more complex parts, or for objects with hard to reach internally supported areas, use water-soluble PVA filament. Once 3D printed, soak the object and wash away the support material.

Parts Included

LulzBot® TAZ Single Tool Head v2.1 (Fully Assembled)
– Wade's Accessible Extruder
– LulzBot® TAZ Extruder Mount


Required filament diameter: 3mm
Hot end temperature range: 120°C – 300°C
Nozzle diameters: 0.5mm
Required power system: 24v
Fans: Heat sink and nozzle fans included

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