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We made the MATSE chatbot in order to help people build or grow a Social Cooperative Enterprises (SCE) also called coop. Users of the online chat network Telegram can use the MATSE chatbot to find and connect with coops and their members, once they register with the WeNet platform.

The first release of the MATSE social cooperative enterprise chatbot for Telegram offers three main features:

  1. Connect with other users, who want to set up a coop in your area and with a similar business sector. For this purpose, you can either post small ads, where you describe what or who you are looking for. Or you can browse the ads which were put up by other users.
  2. Post questions to experienced coop “Mentors”. They can help you navigate the legal, economic and social landscape for setting up or taking part in a social cooperative enterprise.
  3. Browse a catalogue of frequently asked questions. These may provide you with answers and advice regarding the most common issues encountered when launching or operating a coop.

After some initial alpha testing and further beta testing of the social cooperative enterprise chatbot, we have run a pilot with nearly hundred users, some of them have registered with the WeNet platform, some have used the chatbot with limited functionality as guest user. We also managed to recruit 5 superusers, which act as mentors to reply to individual questions asked by the users. We hope that the community of users will grow further and that this tool will help grow a larger social economy in Greece.

Below are the usage statistics from the first pilot test phase run during the months MMay and June 2022.

Social Cooperative Enterprise Chatbot Statistics

WeNet MATSE ChatBot Usage Statistics
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